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Since 1950

In a world with finite resources and rising demand for those limited resources, recycling isn’t just a fad. It’s an important part of the economic cycle. But without the vital efforts of companies like Bergen Recycling Incorporated, you’d be hard pressed to find an easy avenue for getting your valuable waste products back to industrial sources that can use them. From all sorts of scrap metal to electric motors, batteries, appliances, window frames and more, come to us for your recycling needs. We’ve been at it since 1950!

Top Dollar

We pay top dollar for all types of metals. Copper, aluminum cans, aluminum car rims, aluminum copper, aluminum extruded, aluminum siding, auto radiators, irony aluminum, batteries, bare bright copper, stainless steel, steel turnings, cars, cast iron, catalytic converters, dirty motor blocks and electric motors. We also take appliances, metal furnishings, window / door frames and more.


Bergen Recycling Incorporated encourages you to use less but when you do consume, consider recycling. If you would like to learn more about how you can deal with your excess recyclable waste, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to tell you anything you need to know about our services.

"This place has been a great find for me. After doing some home renovation I brought all my recyclable scrap here. The staff is super friendly and they pay top dollar. I have alao referred a lot of my contractor friends who have alao been very happy with their services. I highly recommend Bergen Recycling!"

Jim Gover

I had lots of recycled metal due to cleanup that I had done around my home. Friendly service, great prices. Nothing but a positive experience from my point of view.

Michael Trend


Fast, friendly and helpful service! I was greeted warmly and helped very quickly. I will tell everyone I know to use this place.

Maggie McCracken

I bring all my scrap here and have been doing so for years and will bring it here for many years to come. For all my steel in the back they get my weight I unload get my weight again and they give me a ticket. For the most part its in and out quick service, sometimes there's a wait but apparently business has been picking up for them. Then I go around front to cash in all my precious metals and its all reasonable prices. Scrap prices goes up and down everyday its how the business works. I'm very satisfied with their service and the money i leave with.

JJ Drasher